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Santa Norm is alumni of  Nicholas Institute

Nicholas was a fourth-century Bishop in Myra, a city in what is now Demre, Turkey.  His most famous story is   when he throws bags of gold through a window into a   house where a poor man lives with his three daughters,





Above: Fr. Joseph Marquis,  Executive Director of the St. Nicholas Institute and Santa Norm

Feast of
St Nicholas
December 6

Fr. Joseph Marquis is the founder and executive director of the St. Nicholas Institute. He has over 40 years of professional Santa Claus and St. Nicholas experience, is an Emmy Award winning Santa, and member of the Santa Claus Hall of Fame - Class of 2011, Santa Claus, Indiana.

all of whom are too poor to have a dowry and therefore be ready for marriage. The gift from Nicholas allows the three girls to be wed and live happily with their husbands. There are many more stories and legends too numerous to mention here.

Creed of the Knights of St. Nicholas

I believe in the miracle of the manger and the message of the child who was born as the Messiah as God’s true gift to all mankind. I acknowledge the Passion and the sacrifice made as a paradigm that it is truly better to give than to receive. I understand the devotion of Nicholas of Myra and his conviction to God’s love for all mankind as an example to follow. I am a mere mortal who has no magical powers except the belief of loyalty to the tradition of the Advent Season that has been handed down from generation to generation to me by my family and friends. I acknowledge that the true basis for the celebration is the child of the manger and I promise to make all children happy to the best of my abilities in his name. I confirm these beliefs to myself and to the Spirit of Christmas as a Knight of St. Nicholas, a servant of people everywhere.

The St. Nicholas Institute

Is a multi-day seminar designed to empower candidates with the tools needed to convincingly portray both St. Nicholas and the "elfin" Santa Claus in a wide variety of venues; whether religious or secular. It is open to all Santas of all Christian faiths (Catholic, Eastern Orthodox or Protestant). The program is uniquely designed for cross-training of individuals to effectively portray Santa Claus and St. Nicholas for a wide variety of venues (both secular and religious). Formation also encourages a prayerful openness to the very same Spirit that animated the life and actions of the original "jolly old St. Nicholas", whose heart was made glad by the Babe born in Bethlehem.

Born March 15, 270 AD                 Died December 6, 343 AD

Santa Norm was honored to be inducted into the Knights of St Nickolas at the 'DiscoverSanta 2016' convention in Branson, MO.

In 2015, at the St. Nicholas Institute Awards Banquet, Santa Norm was presented with the...

Sancte Nicolaus Numisma Honoris

"St. Nicholas Medal of Honor"

St. Nicholas was never at the Nativity of Christ, but his heart was made glad by the Babe born in Bethlehem. St. Nicholas lived his life in thankfulness for the One who came to save all.